Zweig Media: TZL Exclusive Tracey Eaves Zweig Group Valuation Expert

In this episode of The Zweig Letter podcast, Randy talks to Tracey Eaves, Zweig Group’s valuation expert. Tracey introduces herself by talking about her background, her valuation experience, and why it’s important to hire a valuation expert with industry experience.

According to Tracey, firms often seek out a valuation as part of corporate and ownership transition planning, but the most common reason is in preparation for an internal or external sale. Tracey walks listeners through the valuation process – including what firms need to provide before starting a valuation, what to expect, and how long the process usually takes – and gives firm owners and leaders advice on how they can avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth valuation process for their firms.

Zweig Group has completed more valuations in the industry than any other firm for a range of purposes, including ownership transition planning, corporate planning, ESOPs, transactions, and litigation. Click here for more information about Zweig Group’s valuation services.

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