Zweig Media: TZL Ep 48 – Better Business Development

In our brand new podcast format, we interview Mark Zweig, CEO of Zweig Group about an article he recently wrote in The Zweig Letter about improving your business development skills in the AEC space

“Becoming a Better Business Developer,” Issue 1161, 7/25/16

Mark and I spoke at length about ways that you can accentuate the business development process in your organization and effectively build your BD muscle. A few of the key takeaways included being yourself, learning how to make friends first before pushing an agenda, be willing to try new things, always be positive, and show others how to do what you do.

Growing in an AEC Design Firm requires intentionality and strong business development skills among other things. In more than three decades Mark Zweig has seen it all and shares some great business development ideas in this podcast.

Enjoy the latest iteration of The Zweig Letter podcast and let us know what you think about the new format.

See you next week!

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