TZL Podcast Life Hacker Series: Social Media & Marketing in the AEC Industry

In this episode of the Life Hacker series, Randy Wilburn and Sanjay Jenkins discuss social media and marketing in the AEC industry.

Social media is going to be an effective marketing tool for the long-term. It’s more than just a tool for sales, it’s mostly about building brand equity.

AEC firms, being 90 percent billable, routinely get caught up in utilization, but it’s important for firms to “do things that don’t scale” in order to be successful in the long run. Paul Graham originally discussed this idea in his essay “Do Things that Don’t Scale.”

Jenkins has a new series on the Zweig Group blog called “Modern Marketing for the AEC Industry.” The series will include articles and a webinar covering social media platforms.

Wilburn and Jenkins will produce a few more podcast episodes detailing various social media platforms along with some tips and techniques for getting the most out of them without wasting time.

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